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What is Chiropractic?


The first things to develop are

the spinal cord and brain.

The two most important structures

that help your body maintain.

If interruptions exist between the two,


and make you feel blue.

A SUBLUXATION can occur,

when vertebrae misalign.

Chiropractors will detect them

with palpations of the spine.

If nervous tissue is impinged

our body is heading for disease;

Chiropractors adjust your spine

to put those nerves at ease.

Every part of our body

is dependent on our nerves.

Get adjusted to let them flow freely,

its what your body deserves.

Next time you are sick

or if you are feeling ill,

go first to see a Chiropractor

before you pop a pill.

He or She will find the cause,

and then your symptoms will end;

you will have met CHIROPRACTIC,

and found a new friend.

By Dr Todd Gewant